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StudioX is a new class of CD and DVD recording solution for demanding data archival applications, such as check imaging, GIS/satellite imaging, prepress, and healthcare. Its minimal footprint allows it to fit easily into data centers and other areas where computer real estate is at a premium.

With its ability to control up to four high-speed CD-R or DVD-R drives in one disc autoloader, StudioX can record up to 1/2 terabyte of data in 24 hours, or about 700 CD-R discs. StudioX can also connect to two autoloaders to support mixed CD and DVD recording.

When used to control two HiPAS/2 autoloaders, StudioX can process 600 CD
and/or DVD discs before user attention is needed.

Parallel Independent Controller Architecture

Young Minds' unique intelligent controller technology ensures recording reliability by offloading the I/O-intensive recording task from the host to the controller. StudioX incorporates Parallel Independent Controller Architecture (PICA™), a new design that maintains the benefits of Young Minds' intelligent controller architecture, but minimizes the physical size of the controller. In the StudioX system, multiple controllers are contained in a single StudioX enclosure, allowing each recordable drive to operate independently - and at its highest rated speed. The result is a non-intrusive package with the ability to record more discs in less time, and with greater reliability, than any competitive system.


Features and Benefits:

Automated Production - Disc autoloader seamlessly loads, records and labels discs. No manual disc handling, and no mixups.

Expandable and Configurable - Each StudioX can support to four CD-R or DVD-R drives in one disc autoloader, or up to three drives in two independent autoloaders.

Minimal Footprint - The small size of StudioX allows it to fit on a desktop with an autoloader on top of it. No additional space has to be allocated.

Host-Attach Operation - Young Minds has the industry's broadest range of supported host platforms. Standard configuration of StudioX allows it to attach to virtually any UNIX, Linux or Windows NT workstation or server.

NAS Option - If a self-contained storage network appliance is desirable, StudioX can be incorporated into a microDATA Center™.

Easy-to-Use, Easy-to-Integrate - Java-based host software makes StudioX "plug and play."



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