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DVD-Recordable (DVD-R) is a powerful, cost-effective, and reliable method for storing and delivering digital data. The low cost per gigabyte, portability and cross platform compatibility of DVD-R, makes it the media of choice for archiving and distributing large data sets and applications.

DVD Studio is a complete hardware and software solution for recording DVD-R discs. The DVD Studio combines MakeDisc Plus for DVD premastering software, with the DVD Studio intelligent controller and a Pioneer DVD-R recorder. DVD Studio provides a powerful desktop solution for recording DVD-Recordable discs on most UNIX platforms and Windows NT.

For those familiar with CD-R technology, DVD-R represents the next logical step in digital storage. A DVD-R disc has the same form factor as a CD-R while storing over six times the amount of data. Like CD-R, DVD-R is a durable write-once media that cannot be accidentally erased or altered. The disc provides storage capacity for any kind of digital information (video, audio and data) in a standardized format. Unlike other DVD formats (DVD-RAM and DVD+RW), DVD-R discs can be read by almost any DVD-ROM drive.

  • Reliable

  • DVD Studio+ records both CDs and DVDs easy and reliably. DVD Studio+ provides an easy-to-use Java interface. A command line interface is also included for batch mode operations. The Intelligent Controller handles testing DVD images and program execution and ensures very fast and consistent throughput rate. 
  • Network-Capable

  • For the users of CD Studio+, the DVD Studio+ makes the conversion from CD-R to DVD-R extremely easy. MakeDisc+ for DVD orchestrates and controls the process of picking and formatting files. The intelligent controller provides the buffering and completely isolates the writer from the workstation. The DVD Studio+ creates cross platform compatible DVD discs on NT, Linux, and most UNIX platforms including Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Digital UNIX, Tru64, SGI IRIX, Unixware and other operating systems.
  • Scalable

  • DVD Studio+ includes an internal DVD/CD combination recorder. It records DVD-R discs at 4x DVD speed (equivalent to about 36x CD speed), and records CDs at 16x speed. DVD Studio+ is scalable, and is designed to let you expand as your production needs increase. Autoloaders with up to four drives are available for automated production.


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