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microDATA Center

The microDATA Center™ (mDC™) is a configurable network attached storage and data distribution appliance. It provides library (data sharing), long term archive, and data distribution functions.


 The preferred CD-Recording solution for thousands of software developers and other computer professionals is now even better! No other system compares with CD Studio+ for performance, reliability and features. 


Advanced DVD-R solution now records both CDs and DVDs. Features 4x DVD recording and 16x CD recording.


Automation for DVD and CD Recording. Fast data throughput, and choice of disc autoloaders to form an advanced automated CD-R/DVD-R system.


Advanced intelligent software increases productivity, simplifies integration and use. JobTicket technology means that users don't have to learn premastering or other complex applications. Use DVD-Q to unleash the power of your PowerStudio, StudioX, or MPS4+ system.


The Max Production Studio 4+ (MPS4+) represents the most advanced, reliable, and cost effective technology for high-volume and networkable enterprise-wide data archival and distribution. Now includes new DVD-Q intelligent automation software to simplify integration and use.

Available with two, three, or four CD and/or CD/DVD recorders, integrated disc label printer, and a HiPAS/4 or HiPAS/2 disc autoloader.


The StudioX provides many of the high production features of the MPS4+, but packs its performance in a small footprint package. Use the StudioX when datacenter real estate is at a premium. StudioX is available with two, three, or four CD and/or CD/DVD recorders, integrated disc label printers, and up to two PASport, HiPAS/2, or AutoMate disc autoloaders.


ARTH International offers four high perfomance disc autoloader choices for PowerStudio, StudioX, and MPS4+



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