Disc Autoloaders

Young Minds provides several disc autoloader options for its line of automation-enabled intelligent controllers (PowerStudio, StudioX, and MPS4+.

  • High capacity Power Automation Station (HiPAS) autoloaders are designed for the most demanding environments. Each HiPAS autoloader can be configured to match your needs and budget. HiPAS autoloaders are available with up to four recorders and an integrated, inline thermal printer.

  • The PASsport and AutoMate autoloaders are single drive systems, designed for use in PowerStudio solutions. Each can be configured with a single CD-R or DVD-R/CD-R drive. An integrated, inline thermal printer is standard with the PASsport, and optional with the AutoMate.


  • Young Minds provides a complete line of disc autoloaders to complement our family of CD-R and DVD-R products.

    • HiPAS/4 -- high capacity autoloader with up to four CD-R or DVD-R/CD-R writers. Four bins, 300 disc capacity. Thermal printer is standard.
    • HiPAS/2 -- can be configured with up to two CD-R or DVD-R/CD-R writers. Four bins, 300 disc capacity. Thermal printer is standard.
    • PASsport -- contains one CD-R or DVD-R/CD-R writer. Three bins, 120 disc capacity. Thermal printer is standard.
    • AutoMate -- contains one CD-R or DVD-R/CD-R writer. Two bins, 50 disc capacity. Thermal printer is optional.

    All autoloaders use either 44x CD-R writers, or 4x DVD-R drives. The DVD-R drive also can record CD-R discs at 16x speed.

    The HiPAS/2 and HiPAS/4 models feature four input/output bins with dynamic-allocation (CD input/DVD input/CD output/DVD output), that allow up to 300 discs to be processed before loading/unloading is required.

    The PASsport has a 120-disc capacity with three dynamically-allocated bins, and also allows mixed CD and DVD production.

    The AutoMate has a 50-disc capacity with individual input and output bins.

    The label printing operation is fast and seamless, with no manual disc handling required. Virtually any disc can be used. Special coatings or "printable" discs are not required. The printer uses a thermal transfer printing process with 300 dpi for sharp, crisp graphics, and text. There is no bleeding or drying times as with ink jet printers.

    Optional laser alignment allows use with preprinted discs such as presilkscreened discs. Young Minds' autoloaders are controlled by PowerStudio, MPS4+, or StudioX intelligent controllers. MPS4+ and StudioX can be configured with the HiPAS/2 or /4 for high capacity "lights out" disc production. PASsport and AutoMate are controlled by PowerStudio to create a low cost, fully automated production environment.


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