CD-Q/DVD-Q - More Infomation

CD-Q and DVD-Q are vital tools for system administrators who need to centralize CD-R/DVD-R job management to better utilize CD-R/DVD-R resources and enhance security.

  • CD-Q and DVD-Q are client/server applications that work with PowerStudio, StudioX, and MPS4+ autoloader-equipped CD-R/DVD-R systems to:

    • Prioritize and schedule CD-R/DVD-R jobs
    • Allow multiple users and job queuing
    • Automate the process of premastering, burning, and labeling discs
    • Provide a database record that can be used with standard RDBMS packages to generate complex queries for job tracking and maintaining an audit trail


    CD-Q/DVD-Q simplify disc recording and lower your total cost of ownership through improved productivity. These applications can be used in a wide range of environments, ranging from a single PowerStudio attached to one workstation or single-purpose server, to managing multiple automated systems distributed across large heterogeneous networks.

  • CD-Q/DVD-Q Features:

    • Centralized management of CD-R and DVD-R resources
    • Network access
    • Automatic job prioritizing
    • Easy to use
    • Easy to integrate
    • Job tracking / audit trail.



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