microDATA Center

The microDATA Center™ (mDC™) is a configurable network attached storage and data distribution appliance designed to perform three interrelated functions:

  • Expandable library with immediate access to 240GB to multiple terabytes
  • Archive center with limitless capacity
  • CD/DVD media production center

The microDATA Center is a network appliance plugs into your network. It outperforms jukeboxes and costs less, while providing much greater functionality and data security than RAID.

The microDATA Center from Young Minds functions as a library for sharing data, as an archive center for safeguarding historical data, and as a CD-R and/or DVD-R recording facility for distributing data.

    As a network attached library, the mDC acts like a CD/DVD jukebox and provides read-only access to finalized data sets. In its base 240 GB configuration, it has the equivalent storage capacity of a 360-disc CD jukebox.

    Unlike a jukebox, however, the mDC provides immediate access to data. There are no access time bottlenecks related to robotic movements and disc loading/unloading, or constraints on the concurrent number of users due to the limited availability of CD-ROM drives.

    Archive Center
    Data marked for archive is moved to the mDC's Static Library and is read-only. Data sets in the Static Library are automatically placed on CD or DVD archive discs for permanent, secure storage.The mDC logs the Data Set location (archive disc locator information) into its internal database and labels the disc with this information.

    Archived Data Sets can be retained online for immediate access in the mDC's Static Library. Data Sets are removed from the online Static Library in accordance with user parameters and system-wide parameters (system parameters are set by the System Administrator).

    Data that has been moved off-line can be easily restored by placing the archive disc in the mDC's DVD-ROM reader. The mDC automatically restores the selected data to its original location.

    Media Center
    For anyone on the network, the mDC Center can function like a printer that records and labels CDs/DVDs instead of paper documents. Discs can contain engineering drawings, photos, sales presentations, billing and accounting information, project "snapshots," or any other digital data that you need to send out or store on portable media.

    You can use the mDC to transfer data to CD or DVD from tape or other network resources, or to combine data from a number of different of CDs onto DVD.

    Key Features

    • Network appliance plugs into your network
    • Outperforms jukeboxes and costs less
    • Much greater functionality and data security than RAID
    • Indispensable addition for meeting new data retention and privacy regulations, such as HIPAA (healthcare) and SEC (financial)
    • Provides permanent archival and legal hardcopy of data
    • Database tools for tracking data and disc locations
    • One step data restoration function
    • No limit on file or data set size for archival; automatically spans discs (CDs or DVDs)
    • Provides high data density for archives; no partial discs
    • Windows NT/2000 and Unix compatible
    • Integrated, high speed, scalable storage capacity (240 GB to multiple TB)
    • One-step CD/DVD recording and labeling for archival and distribution

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