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CD Studio+ is a complete hardware and software solution for recording CD-R discs. It consists of the Studio Intelligent Controller, MakeDisc+ Premastering software, and a 48x CD recorder.

CD Studio+ lets you record CDs on your desktop or across a network. CD Studio+ sets the standard for cross-platform portability, reliability, scalability and security.

Key Features

    • Easy to install. No configuration hassles.
    • New Java graphical user interface makes CD Studio+ even easier to use.
    • Creates CDs quickly, easily and efficiently.
    • Extremely reliable; cutting bad discs is virtually impossible No more data underruns.
    • Records multiple binaries, such as Macintosh, Windows and UNIX, on a single disc. If you have an application ported to several UNIX versions, place all binaries on a single disc. 
    • Available on more than 26 different UNIX platforms. Linux and Windows NT are also supported.
    • Flexible and upgradable to meet your future storage requirements. 
    • Records in any of the following formats:
      ISO 9660 
      ISO 9660 with Translation Tables 
      ISO 9660 / Rock Ridge 
      ISO 9660 / Joliet 
      Native UNIX (UFS) 
  • Network-Capable

    With CD Studio+, you donít have to dedicate a workstation to disc production. The MakeDisc+ premastering software runs as a background process, leaving you and your workstation free for other tasks.
  • Record files located on your workstation, or anywhere on your network. CD Studio+ís unique controller technology means you donít have to worry about data underruns to the CD Recorder.

  • Reliable

    CD Studio+ makes CD-R= production incredibly easy and reliable. The MakeDisc+ premastering software included with CD Studio+ has an easy-to-use, Java-based graphical user interface. A command line interface is also included for batch mode operations.
  • The Studio Intelligent Controller lets you test disc images for data integrity and program execution even before you actually record a disc.

    The Studio Intelligent Controller provides a very fast and consistent throughput rate, ensuring that the CD-Recordable unit never outruns the data flow (this is not allowed in CD recording, since any kind of gap in the data, however momentary, means a ruined disc).

  • Scalable

  • CD Studio+ grows as your CD recording needs grow, with several options for expanding your production capacity.
    • Upgrade to DVD Studio+ for DVD Recording.
    • Add automation support by upgrading to PowerStudio and add one of the Power Automation Station (PAS) options.
    • Upgrade to the MPS4+ System for very high, sustained levels of disc production.


  • Portable

  • CD Studio+ runs on many different platforms and with many different recorders. Contact sales for additional information.


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