PowerDVD Studio - More Infomation

PowerDVD Studio is an automation-ready CD-R and DVD-R solution, designed for use with the PASsport and AutoMate disc autoloaders. If increasing production capability or backup (warm-swappable) capability is needed, PAS/2 or PAS/4 autoloaders can be used. PowerDVD Studio features fast data throughput to eliminate bandwidth bottlenecks and free up host resources.

PowerDVD Studio is based on Young Minds intelligent controller technology. It typically interfaces to an AutoMate, PASsport, or PAS/2 autoloader. PASsport and AutoMate are the most common automation options, but PAS/2 or PAS/4 should be selected if adding production capacities is a concern for the future, or if a backup drive is needed to ensure production capability.


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