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Young Minds Inc. Releases New Options for DVD-R Automation to Provide Wider Choices, Better Fit, Lower Costs

Redlands, CA, September 20, 2000 - Young Minds, Inc. (YMi) of Redlands, California announced today that it is now shipping PowerDVD Studio, an automated DVD-Recording system for Unix, Linux, and Windows NT. PowerDVD Studio includes the PowerDVD controller and a new disc autoloader, the DVD PASsport with an integrated, specially modified Pioneer DVR-S201 DVD-R drive and an inline disc label printer.

PowerDVD Studio is a new automated, network-ready version of DVD Studio, Young Minds' standalone DVD Recording system. It features fast download speeds and portability across all major Unix operating systems, as well as Windows NT and most Linux implementations.

"PowerDVD Studio provides the capacities, capabilities, and reliability that are needed to implement a network based DVD recording system," said Jim Bolander, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "It is the latest evolution of Young Minds' controller technology, and demonstrates once again the market leading performance and flexibility that result from our approach. This is the perfect choice for organizations that want to incorporate an automated DVD solution to take advantage of the overall cost savings, security, and process control of centralized DVD recording in a compact, easy to integrate, and easy to use package."

PowerDVD Studio can download a full 4.7GB disc image in about 20 minutes, thus freeing up host resources that would otherwise be used for the recording process. Once the disc image is downloaded to the PowerDVD Studio controller, the controller stages the image, loads a disc in the DVD recorder, and monitors the recording process. After a disc is recorded, PowerDVD Studio instructs the inline disc label printer to print the user-designated label on the disc. The disc is automatically placed in an output bin, and the system is then ready to process another disc.

Founded in 1989, Young Minds, Inc. (YMi) provides a complete line of network capable CD and DVD Recording solutions that work with UNIX, Linux, and Windows NT operating systems. YMi pioneered CD-Recording and CD-ROM mass storage in the UNIX market, and continues to deliver the most innovative solutions that are reliable, cost-effective and easy to use. Andrew Young, Chairman and co-founder of the company, authored the Rock Ridge Interchange Protocols, which define additional functionality for ISO 9660 standard discs used in UNIX environments.

Thousands of YMi systems are in use throughout the world in business, industry, government agencies and educational institutions. Young Minds can be reached on the Internet at or call 800-964-4964.

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