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Young Minds and Purity Help the Huntington National Bank Grow its Business Banking Program with CD-R Check Imaging System

Redlands, CA, October 13, 2000 -- Young Minds, Inc. (YMI), in partnership with Purity Incorporated (Emeryville, CA), announced that they have installed a new check image delivery system at the Huntington National Bank (Columbus, OH). The system allows Huntington to deliver high quality check images to their business customers on a searchable CD-ROM disc, instead of traditional delivery methods such as photocopies and microfiche. Customers can easily retrieve the check images from the CD-ROM discs using virtually any computer.

Purity Incorporated developed the image delivery platform, which allows Huntington to provide a variety of image based products to their customers. Using the latest in Java and XML technology, Purity enables Huntington to leverage their investment in check imaging technology to provide state of the art products for their clients in an array of media including print, fax and CD. "Ease of integration, versatility and the support for a variety of platform architectures made the recommendation of Young Minds CD-R automation the best choice for the project," said Russ Wilsey, Purity Incorporated's Technical Director.

The Visual Archive® image archive system allows Huntington to bring its check image archival services in-house. Visual Archive® makes retrieving high-quality check images faster, easier, and more convenient for Huntington's business customers.

Young Minds supplied the CD-Recording (CD-R) software and hardware components for the Purity image delivery system. These components include Young Minds' MPS4™ controllers, Power Automation Station (PAS™) robotic disc loading systems, and CD-Q™ intelligent automation software. MPS4 provides the foundation for high performance, mission-critical CD- Recording by combining fault-tolerant design with fast data throughput. The PAS robotic unit combines high speed CD-R drives with a disc label printer that eliminates all manual handling. CD-Q automation software simplifies integration and use of the CD equipment within Huntington's Visual Archive® framework.

"Systems integration is usually the biggest single issue when a customer is looking for a business-critical CD-R production system," according to Jim Bolander, Vice President, Sales and Marketing. "Many customers don't discover this until well into the installation process. We spent two years developing our CD-Q automation software to simplify integration and to smooth the flow of data across the network in support of CD-R production. The Huntington installation represents the first large-scale installation of CD-Q with our high volume CD-R production system, MPS4, and we worked closely with both Huntington and Purity to ensure that the integration of the CD-Q would satisfy Huntington's and their customers' requirements."

Carol Degnen, Huntington Senior Vice President, Treasury Management, outlined the end-result: "Huntington Visual Archive® is a breakthrough in providing legendary customer service. This enhanced technology has improved delivery of quality business banking services to our clients."

Founded in 1989, Young Minds, Inc. (YMi) provides a complete line of network capable CD and DVD Recording solutions that work with UNIX, Linux, and Windows NT operating systems. YMi pioneered CD-Recording and CD-ROM mass storage in the UNIX market, and continues to deliver the most innovative solutions that are reliable, cost-effective and easy to use. Andrew Young, Chairman and co-founder of the company, authored the Rock Ridge Interchange Protocols, which define additional functionality for ISO 9660 standard discs used in UNIX environments.

Thousands of YMi systems are in use throughout the world in business, industry, government agencies and educational institutions. Young Minds can be reached on the Internet at or call 800-964-4964.




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