The TVA Story: Solution Enables Fast Access to Data

Organizations that utilize Geographical Information Systems (GIS) accumulate, archive and distribute substantial amounts of printed matter to many segments of the marketplace. Storing, editing and distributing this data presents a monumental task.

One such company, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Geographic Information Services in Norris, TN, recently embarked on a project to replace 8mm magnetic tape as their current method of storage and distribution. Such a replacement had to address a number of other media shortcomings such as, access to data, difficulty in cataloguing images, slow search and retrieval, and durability.

CD-ROM/CD-Recordable technology became the best solution. Using CD-Recordable discs solve the issue of media standardization. Creating ISO 9660-compliant discs ensures that they can be read by any standard CD-ROM reader connected to virtually any computer platform.

TVA uses Young Minds’ CD Studio CD-Recordable solution to deliver GIS data bases to its Natural Resources customers. TVA also uses CD-Recording technology for distribution of land management and usage information, mapping and reservoir data. Most of its clients need a way to store their data in such a way that it can be quickly accessed and analyzed.

CD Studio is a scalable and reliable CD-R system available for 26 varieties of UNIX and Windows NT. CD Studio is a networkable "plug-and-play" system allowing users to produce CDs that include multiple binaries; hybrid discs that support various file system formats such as ISO 9660, Rock Ridge and Joliet; custom discs and bootable discs.

According to Bill Keeler, Computer Graphics Technician at TVA-GIS, "The recording process is simple and easy to learn. Once the GIS data base is complete, it is easy to premaster the data and then cut the CD using Young Minds’ CD Studio. Our customer satisfaction is in turn much higher."

TVA was established by the U.S. Congress in 1933 primarily to provide flood control, navigation, and electric power in the Tennessee Valley region. Today TVA is working to become a world leader in providing energy and related services - independently and in alliances with others - for society’s global needs. TVA power travels across 17,000 miles of transmission lines, carrying electricity to 7.3 million consumers in parts of seven Southeastern states.

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