Using MakeDisc Under UNIX


CD Studio looks like a tape device to your host (usually an Exabyte 8200). Find the autorewind device driver for this device i.e. /dev/rmt/1.

The command to cut a cd is the mag tape file seek forward command

i.e. mt -f /dev/rmt/1 fsf


Premastering is accomplished with the makedisc command. The basic command is:

makedisc -R -t /working_directory /base_directory /studio_device 650

/working_directory is a directory dedicated for makedisc's use. It should be able to contain 650 megabytes. A file called volume.inf needs to be in this directory before starting makedisc. In the makedisc distribution there is an example file in the project directory.

/base_directory is your stageing area. Put all the files and sub- directories that yoiu want on the cd in this directory.

/studio device is the tape device you determined earlier.

The makedisc command should be run from the directory where you put all the makedisc executables.

There should also be a graphical user interface executable, mkdsc_mo.

The command lines given would be those used with Solaris.

With makedisc/cdstudio, creating a CD is a 3-step process.

  1. Put the files and subdirectories into your stageing area, refered to as the base directory. The files in this directory must not change durring the premaster step. The relationship between the directory structure and filenames under the base directory and the directory structure and filenames on the cd can be complicated. At its simplist and most common the cd will look like your base directory, Possably with all the file names truncated to 8.3 uppercase charecters.
  2. Premaster. This is done either with the makedisc command or the mkdsc_mo GUI ( image-premaster ). This step gathers the files, wraps a ISO 9660 format around it and sends the data to the studio. You may hear this step being called "creating the cd image". This is where filenames and directory structures get changed. The options given to makedisc determine how things get changed.
  3. Cut. This is the process of burning the data into the cd. This can be done using a tape command or the GUI image-cut. The length of time for the cut is given by: (size in megabytes) * 74 /( writer speed * 650 ) +1. A 300 MB image on a 4x writer will take: ( 300 ) * 74 / ( 4 * 650 ) + 1 = 9.5 minutes
    The command line is your magnetic tape file space forward command
    mt -f /dev/rmt/0 fsf
    From the GUI choose "IMAGE" "CUT"


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