CD-R / DVD-R Solutions for GIS Applications

Compact Disc-Recordable (CD-R) technology is based on the same international standards that have contributed to the success of CD-ROM. CD-R has become the preferred storage medium for many applications. With a capacity of 650 to 700MB and a cost of about one dollar per disc, CD-R provides the lowest cost per megabyte of any random access writable storage medium. In addition, it is compact, durable, versatile and can be used to reliably archive data for upwards of 100 years. Further, because CD-R is a true write-once medium, it provides legal hardcopy of the information stored.

DVD-R is the larger capacity relative of CD-R. It shares the same physical dimensions (12cm) but provides a higher data density and therefore higher capacity - about 4.7GB. It, too, provides low cost random access to data, is a true write-once medium, and is perfect for long term data archival. Like the read compatibility for CD-R provided by CD-ROM drives, DVD-R can be read back in DVD-ROM drives (CD-R discs can also be read back in DVD-ROM drives).

Young Minds, an early pioneer in CD-R technology, continues to lead in the application of CD-ROM, CD-R, and DVD technologies in GIS, satellite imaging, and other markets.

GIS applications typically involve images, databases, and interrelated data that is layered, or linked together. Since they are random access media, CD-R and DVD-R allow users to quickly and easily move between layers. Many GIS application developers have adopted CD-R as the standard media for data/image archival and distribution, and DVD-R is fast gaining acceptance for GIS applications that generate large files and datasets, such as satellite imaging.

Young Minds is the premier developer of innovative solutions for GIS applications, available for virtually all operating systems and networks. Young Minds CD- and DVD-Recordable technology is being used by leading GIS developers and information providers. Our solutions are unmatched for features, reliability, ease of installation, ease of integration, ease of use, compatibility, portability, expandability, and upgradability. Key features include:

    • Plug-and-Play CD/DVD-Recording
    • Cross-platform system support
    • Fast, easy access to images, databases, and other files
    • Complete integration support Feature-rich premastering software for universal read-compatibility
    • "Future-proof" intelligent controller architecture to simplify upgrades and host changes
    • Well defined roadmap to preserve hardware and software investments
    • Tape emulation technology utilizes native OS drivers, eliminates the need for custom drivers
    • Java-based user interface and JobTicket technology simplifies integration



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