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Young Minds Targets Healthcare Technology Integrators and VARs with new CD and DVD Recording Systems

Redlands, CA, November 22, 2000 -- Young Minds, Inc. announced today that it is implementing a reseller recruitment program, based on its new CD-R and DVD-R product offerings, that is aimed at finding new healthcare technology partners. Examples of the types of partners being sought include those with expertise in computerized medical records, digitization of radiology departments, telemedicine, and PACS systems.Young Minds provides the industry's most complete line of DICOM-compliant, automated CD-Recording and DVD-Recording systems, and has been active in the healthcare market since 1996.

"Since our recent release of CD-Q intelligent automation software and the PowerStudio line of products, we are now looking at a number of different opportunities in the healthcare market, stated Jim Bolander, Young Minds' Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Although healthcare in general has been very receptive to technological innovations, certain segments of the healthcare market have been slow to adopt CD-R as an archival and distribution media, despite the advantages of CD-R over traditional media such as cine film. With PowerStudio and CD-Q, Young Minds is now in the position of offering a very cohesive array of scalable solutions. These solutions will allow our partners to seamlessly move their customers to progressively more capable CD-R and DVD-R systems as their image and data requirements increase."

Young Minds provides extensive engineering support to its integration partners to fine-tune both hardware and software components of its systems to meet market and technical requirements. "We recognize the expertise that our partners bring to the equation, and work closely with them to ensure that the final product will be the best available," Bolander continued. Young Minds also provides pre-and post-sales support, technical support, and co-marketing opportunities.

Founded in 1989, Young Minds, Inc. (YMi) provides a complete line of network capable CD and DVD Recording solutions that work with UNIX, Linux, and Windows NT operating systems. YMi pioneered CD-Recording and CD-ROM mass storage in the UNIX market, and continues to deliver the most innovative solutions that are reliable, cost-effective and easy to use. Andrew Young, Chairman and co-founder of the company, authored the Rock Ridge Interchange Protocols, which define additional functionality for ISO 9660 standard discs used in UNIX environments.

Thousands of YMi systems are in use throughout the world in business, industry, government agencies and educational institutions. Young Minds can be reached on the Internet at or call 800-964-4964.



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