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Automation Options for DVD-Recording Now Available from Young Minds, Inc.

Redlands, CA, July 5, 2000 - Young Minds, Inc. (YMi) of Redlands, California has announced the industry's first DVD-R disc autoloader solution for Unix, the PAS DVD (Power Automation Station). The two-drive autoloader is now available for DVD Studio, the most advanced DVD Recording solution available today. The PAS DVD autoloader has an input capacity of 120 discs and an integrated thermal disc label printer. DVD Studio with PAS DVD is available for Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, UnixWare, and other major Unix variants, as well as Linux, Windows NT and Windows 2000. Key applications for DVD Studio with PAS DVD include media conversion (CD to DVD or tape to DVD), archival and distribution, document imaging, GIS, and other applications that require cost-effective, long term archival and/or distribution of large data sets. Jim Bolander, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, predicts that the media conversion market will be an early adopter of this product:

"Companies that have already invested in CD-R production for data archival have done so for the same benefits they will continue to derive from DVD. These include being able to take a disc and read it back virtually anywhere, the longevity of optical media, and instantaneous access to data on the disc. The additional benefit with DVD is much higher data capacity. Each DVD disc can replace up to seven CDs, making it easier to manage the increasingly large datasets being produced by business today. Companies that are now using tape are showing increased interest in converting to DVD for all of the same reasons."

Founded in 1989, Young Minds, Inc. (YMi) provides a complete line of network capable DVD and CD Recording solutions that work with UNIX, Linux, and Windows NT operating systems. YMi pioneered CD-Recording and CD-ROM mass storage in the UNIX market, and continues to deliver the most innovative solutions that are reliable, cost-effective and easy to use. Andrew Young, Chairman and co-founder of the company, authored the Rock Ridge Interchange Protocols, which define additional functionality for ISO 9660 standard discs used in UNIX environments.

Thousands of YMi systems are in use throughout the world in business, industry, government agencies and educational institutions. Young Minds can be reached on the Internet at or call 800-964-4964.



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