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   Welcome to ARTH International                     

Arth International specializes in UNIX-based CD and DVD Recording systems. We are the exclusive international distributor of Young Minds, Inc. (YMI) products. YMI products set the standard for CD and DVD Recording for UNIX, Linux, and NT environments. YMi CD and DVD recording products are widely used in banking/financial, prepress, GIS, government, telecommunication, aerospace, and other applications that require reliability, performance, and ability to ugrade.

Arth International stands behind the products we sell. We have our support staff dedicated to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our misson is to provide the best customer service in the industry.

* High-performance, expandable network appliance for sharing and archiving data.

* The premiere CD recording solution for Unix, Linux and NT.

DVD Studio+  * Record both CDs and DVDs from any Unix platform.

PowerStudio * Automated CD and DVD recording for networks and CD-R server environments.  

* Intelligent automation software increases productivity, simplifies integration.

* High volume, mission-critical CD and DVD recording for the enterprise.

* High volume CD and DVD recording in a minimal footprint design.

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Brief Overview of Features

DVD Studio is a complete hardware and software solution for recording DVD-R discs. The DVD Studio combines MakeDisc Plus for DVD premastering software, with the DVD Studio intelligent controller and a combination CD-R / DVD-R recorder. DVD Studio provides a powerful desktop solution for recording CD-R and DVD-Recordable discs on most UNIX platforms, Linux, and Windows NT.

DVD Studio is scalable, and is designed to let you expand as your production needs increase. One, two, and four drive autoloaders are now available for automated production.

PowerDVD Studio is an automation-ready DVD-R solution, designed for use with the DVD-R autoloaders. PowerDVD Studio features fast data throughput to eliminate bandwidth bottlenecks and free up host resources.

PowerDVD Studio is based on Young Minds intelligent controller technology. It interfaces to a DVD-equipped High Capacity Power Automation Station (HiPAS) or AutoMate. Compatible PAS.

DVD-Q is a vital tool for system administrators who need to centralize CD-R and DVD-R job management to better utilize CD and DVD resources and enhance security.

DVD-Q simplifies CD-R and DVD-R management and lowers your total cost of ownership through improved productivity. It can be used in a wide range of environments, ranging from a single user to multiple network users running Unix, Linux and Windows.

With the Studio Intelligent Controller as a starting point, adding different modules lets you build a solution that evolves with your production and capacity requirements. Adding an internal CD-R drive turns the Studio Controller into CD Studio+, which easily scales to DVD Studio+ to provide CD and DVD recording; to PowerStudio to provide automated disc production; and to the MaximumPower Studio (MPS4+), to provide high volume automated disc production.

The CD-R writer, DVD-R writer, or autoloader (with writers) attaches via a dedicated SCSI connection to the Studio Intelligent Controller. The writer can be either installed in the Studio Intelligent Controller (internal unit) or can be external as a standalone unit. In automated solutions (PowerStudio and MPS4+), the writers are installed in a robotic disc autoloader. DVD writers can record both CDs and DVDs. Autoloaders are available with separate input bins for CD and DVD to permit automated production of both types of discs simultaneously.

Host software (MakeDisc+) is installed on a workstation or server. The function of this software is to prepare ("premaster") the data you will be recording on CD or DVD. The Studio Intelligent Controller and recorder do NOT have to be attached to this host; however that is the normal configuration. Network CD and DVD recording traffic is usually minimized if the Studio Intelligent Controller attaches directly to the host.


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